Case Studies

1. Efficiency of Current Investments

Our client had a list of 150 conferences that they sponsored, exhibited, and sent presenters to speak. They wanted to monitor their customers’ and competitors’ activities and brand presence at these conferences in comparison to their own.

Lodestone Logic curated data for these conferences and we were able to quickly see where each of their top 30 competitors were sponsoring, exhibiting, or presenting.

In addition, the analytics allowed our client to view their current and target client’s activities at all of the conferences and events they were attending.

By using their report, our client was able to monitor their customers’ and competitors’ activities and compare it to their own activities at the conferences they cared about.

Finally, Lodestone Logic’s analysis identified 13 conferences on the client’s calendar that they were not getting brand recognition where they were sponsoring. We also identified 17 other conferences where our client’s brand was being recognized but were not being tracked via their central activity calendar.

Our client was able to target their conference investment process and achieve a greater ROI.


2. Doing More With Less

Our client attends 10+ conferences per year, but because of budget cuts had a limited amount to spend on conferences in the upcoming fiscal year.

One of their primary goals was to be recognized as a thought leader and improve business development in their sector. They needed to know all of the conferences available locally, nationally, and internationally.

Lodestone Logic was able to evaluate their current calendar and activities and recommend targeted reductions, increases, and maintenance of activities at specific events.

Our client deployed the Lodescore Method and Lodescore software with their team to track employee requests capturing business justifications and financials. Our client is able to monitor all of their team investments through a single tool, allowing them to determine their own return on investment (ROI).

Through their use of the process and software, our client determine speaking opportunities that aligned with their business objectives and goal of thought leadership. Our client shifted their budget towards conferences that would give them better brand presence and connections to the conference attendees.

This new strategy increased their per conference generated leads by 6%.