Trifecta of events = innovation awesomeness in Indianapolis

Published by Lodestone Logic on

Lodestone Logic was privileged to be a part of several different but connected events that took place during the month of July in Indianapolis.

Kicking off the trifecta, was Lodestone Logic’s Platinum Sponsorship of the Midwest Empowering an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Summit. The Summit was hosted by StepStone Business Partners and focused on Empowering an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (E3) in the Midwest by providing an integrated educational framework for angel investors, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders who play an important role in this environment. Attendees from Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, and many other midwestern cities were at the Summit. Bob Okabe and the Kaufmann Foundation Angel Resource Institute (ARI) program was leveraged for the primary educational session; very good materials and information that prepared participants for The Innovation Showcase, an annual event hosted by the Venture Club of Indiana. Approximately 1,000 attendees were able to learn about the products and services for 60+ Indiana-based start-up companies. It was truly a synergistic opportunity; learning about orchestrating investments and deals in the morning and then, in the afternoon, tapping this new knowledge to evaluate newcos that are looking for funding and customers at Showcase.

Finally, the piece-de-resistance, was the first ever Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge. Todd Park, the current Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America, challenged Indiana at last fall’s Midwest HIMSS that with all of its raw resources in technology and healthcare, Indiana could be the “Silicon Valley of the Midwest. He reiterated this challenge during the DC to VC event that Lodestone Logic co-sponsored with Indiana University Center for Law, Ethics, and Applied Research in Health Information (IU CLEAR). Needless to say, Todd created a spark and the Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge was born.

Over $20,000 of cash and in-kind services will be awarded to the top submissions in the next few weeks; plus, these teams will have the opportunity to present their solutions to at the Indiana HIMSS conference this fall. Over 22 final submissions have been received, and although the judging is currently underway, the hospitals that presented the challenges are very happy with the submissions that they received. Lodestone Logic is extremely proud to be on the organizing committee for this fabulous event, developing and managing the onsite Team Match-Up Lounge, and supporting the judging process and logistics.

It is so exciting to see and experience the energy and excitement here in the Midwest, especially in Indianapolis. I have no doubt that these events will continue to build the enthusiasm and interest in entrepreneurism, innovation, and the transformation of healthcare in the region.