Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge and the Hoosier Code 4 Health

Lodestone Logic is excited to sponsor and support several exciting events focused on driving innovation in healthcare.

First, this year’s Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge is being held on July 12th from 8 AM to 5 PM in Hine Hall on the campus of IUPUI.  This event is intended to bring together healthcare and technology professionals and organizations from around the state to identify and develop solutions to solve for some of today’s most challenging healthcare issues.

During the daylong event, time will be dedicated to allow participants to discuss the challenges with the organizations that are hosted them.  Lodestone Logic is proud to sponsor and coordinate this year’s Match Up Lounge so that participants will be able to connect with each other to form teams to tackle the challenges.  The day will wrap up with several education and discussion sessions about topics like the potential impact of wearable devices and sensors to transforming healthcare.

Second, the first ever Hoosier Code 4 Health will be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 13th and 14th at Lilly’s COI Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  This is a codeathon. So, the focus will be ‘mashing’ up data streams from different APIs and unlocking the potential of the data that has never been achieved previously. Codeathons typically are events that occur over the course of one or more days and bring together developers, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs. It is exciting to consider that this Hoosier Code 4 Health could potentially generate insights that could improve our understanding of co-morbid diseases OR surface tangible opportunities to create more efficient processes OR find out about human behavior factors that could be influenced to improve patient adherence and patient outcomes… the opportunities are endless!

The Launch Reception to kick off these events will be held on June 27th from 5 to 7 PM at The Speak Easy  and DeveloperTown. The challenges will be announced at this event.  Attendees with have an opportunity to learn more about the event, the Challenges as well as have the opportunity to network, form teams, and begin to discuss possible solutions.  Attendees will be able to enjoy Sun King beer while doing a quick dusty-boots tour of the future INFUSE Digital Health Accelerator. It’s going to be a great evening!

Participants may register for all of these events at http://www.hoosierchallenge.org/.

Attendees and those interested in watching the action from afar can use the Twitter hashtags #HHIC and #HC4H.

Pharma: Putting up prize money to solve tough healthcare problems

The pharmaceutical industry gets a bad rap for many different things, but recently there’s been some good recognition of their interests in spawning healthcare innovation and transformation through the sponsorship of ‘challenges’.

Holding challenges to solve tough problems is not generally a new concept; think Xprize for figuring out how to get into space in a cheaper, more cost effective way or improve test scores of elementary aged children. Almost a decade ago, eLilly launched Innocentive (www.innocentive.com) to put out bounties to surface unique resources and the world’s brains to solve difficult problems in everything from bio-chemical synthesis, engineering, or fragrance development. The US government has even launched their own website for multiple types of challenges at www.challenge.gov. You don’t have to read Daniel Pink to know that if there’s a reward or financial incentive, more people will invest their own time and energy to create a solution and try for the prize.

So, it is really encouraging to see specific pharmaceutical companies use challenges as a way to reach out to the public and make some great things happen. What makes this so interesting is that the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare stakeholders is very symbiotic. Yet, in many cases we fail to see that the opportunity to bring together all of the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to find solutions that will benefit everyone in the room.

In the challenge arena, with over $1M in prize money committed in 2012, Sanofi and Janssen are the pharmaceutical thought leaders.



US Data Design Diabetes Innovation Competition

Website: http://www.datadesigndiabetes.com

Prize money: over $200,000

Description: The focus of this challenge was to use data to create a human-centered and data-inspired innovation for any single or multiple stakeholders in the diabetes ecosystem.

Winner: n4a Diabetes Care Center

Collaborate Activate

Website: www.collaborateactivate.com

Prize money: $500,000

Description: This challenge was focused on bringing together multiple teams or patient advocacy organizations to develop solutions that will encourage people to engage in their health and wellbeing. An interesting facet of this challenge was that the teams and solutions had to be connected to a fully registered non-profit organization. The intent was to further cross-pollinate ideas and energy to develop solutions that will be sustainable.

Winner: 4 finalists have been selected, winner announced in mid-November, 2012


Janssen Healthcare Innovation Group

Connected Care Challenge

Co-Sponsor(s): National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC)

Website: http://www.multivu.com/mnr/56342-discharge-decision-support-system-janssen-connected-care-challenge

Prize money: $250,000

Description: Consistent with HHS’s triple aim goals, the focus of this challenge was to improve transitions from the hospital to the home and to reduce overall re-admission rates.

Winner: RightCare Solutions, Inc., D2S2 software system


Alzheimer’s Challenge 2012

Co-sponsor(s): Pfizer, Geoffrey Beene Gives Back® Alzheimer’s Initiative

Website: https://www.alzheimerschallenge2012.com/announcements/announcements.php

Prize money: $175,000

Description: To develop a simple, cost-effective tool that will allow for easy assessment and/or diagnosis of an Alzheimer’s patient’s status with regards to memory, mood, thinking, and activity level over time.

Winner: Team Ginger.io, Ginger.io Behavioral Analytics Platform


Many people will question the true motivation behind a pharmaceutical company sponsoring these types of competitions. However, if one were to really look at each of the challenges, the true return on the investment (ROI) will be recognized beyond any one pharmaceutical company; instead, when one of these solutions is scaled and implemented, then patients will experience the ROI through better care, information, and outcomes.  What’s so wrong with that?