Snapshot of survey results – 2012 conference attendance and spend

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In October 2012, Lodestone Logic sponsored a survey to generate insights about the time and money that our readers of The Navigator invested to attend conferences in 2012.  As we promised, here is a  snapshot of the survey results.

47.9% of respondents reported that compared to 2011, their conference attendance has stayed the same.We were interested in gaining insight into how many days and how much money was invested in conferences by individuals and companies each year.  44.5% of the respondents attend 4 or more conferences per year. 64% invest more than 5 days participating in conferences.

70% of respondents rely on their employer to pay travel and registration costs for conferences.  Respondents also reported that they primarily learned about these conferences via an email advertisement, a referral from a colleague or friend, or by receiving an invitation from conference organizers.

From a cost breakdown standpoint, 74% of respondents spend more than $1,001 on registration fees and 46% of respondents spend more than $3,000 on travel, hotel, and other expenses to attend the conferences.

Based on this data, it is clear that individuals and companies are making a considerable financial investment in attending conferences each year.

Our readers were most interested in the following conference categories or topics:

1.  Pharmaceuticals
2.  Healthcare
3.  Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)
4.  eHealth/Digital Health
5.  Leadership

We have used these survey results to ensure that we are including relevant and meaningful content and conferences for our readers. The results have also informed the development of a business intelligence product and service. This product is currently in beta test with the plan to launch later this year. If you are interested in learning more and potentially being a beta test user, please send an email to