Brand Influence Research Report

Lodestone Logic presents this ground-breaking research report on company brand influence of 94 brands through their activities at 1,300 events – conferences, symposia, and trade shows.

Events continue to be a significant investment and opportunity for businesses to influence their market, gain access to customers, and manage competitive threats. This report profiles brands from Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Technology, and Academia sectors.

Strategic corporate, sales, and marketing business leaders that are seeking a competitive edge will get the most out of having access to these types of insights.


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Ode to Data

Data. Data. Data…

Each week the news covers stories about ‘data’. A new sensor or technology to pulls data that we’ve never been able to gather before. A data breach or theft. New ways to view and analyze data. New data laws and regulations. The announcements and innovation keep coming. At Lodestone Logic, we are tracking all of these things, help our clients make sense of it all, and then DO something about it.

Last summer when the EU announced their open clinical trial data initiative, I was impressed. But, inspiration truly struck this week with the announcement that the FDA launched an open data API to over 3 million adverse events that have been reported since 2004.

It is a dawning of a new data age. The silos built in yesterday will slowly fade away. The creation of interoperable data networks to advance science and move us to treatment for  n=1 is on the horizon. It’s both exciting and scary.

And, I just couldn’t resist, I wrote an Ode to Data:
Data here
Data there
Data is everywhere

Some people do not realize
They produce volumes of data each day
There is no such thing as ‘off the grid’

You have consented to share
Mobile phones, social networks, rewards programs, fitness tracking, internet searches
In the name of connectivity, discounts, and public safety

Data is being collected, aggregated, used
On a network and in the cloud
Open or closed

Ubiquity, portability, interoperability
We are all becoming natives
Creating daily footprints that are unique and identifiable

Using data at this scale is new
Opportunities and benefits are just being realized
Uncontrolled and unprotected, data is scary

Privacy and “being forgotten” is all the rage
Data anonymization, pseudonymisation, encryption
Five data points is all that it takes to re-identify

Data is good – customized and valuable life experiences, family, retail, and health
Data for bad – manipulation, theft, and restricting access to services
Lines between access and control will take time to sort out

Big data, little data
Opportunity, threat
Data is helping us make sense of our chaotic and wonderful world

Data here
Data there
Data is everywhere