Careers and Team

Lodestone Logic is always looking for team members that are passionate about their skills and making real change happen in the world.

Currently, we are looking for new team members for the following positions:

Senior Research and Data Analyst

Research Analyst

If you want to learn more about the type of team members that Lodestone Logic is looking for, please read our overview on the Characteristics of a Lodestone Logic Team Member.

Additionally, since we are a small high functioning team, we have established basic expectations regarding the way that we will work and basic skills that we hope that our team members will have; it covers email etiquette, technology proficiencies, project management, and communication skills.

We do use these expectations as a guideline for assessing potential team members. Yet, we know that there are highly qualified individuals that may not be able to tick all of the boxes. So, if you want to become a Lodestone Logic team member but need to work on your Excel or social media skills, be honest about it in your interview. If you are the right fit for the position,  we will figure out a way to help you grow and better yourself with regard to those skills.

We work hard at Lodestone Logic. But, we are also a little bit zanny, have fun, and laugh a lot.

If you are interested in posting for open positions at Lodestone Logic, please send the following information to

  • Name of the LL position in the email subject line
  • Your name and link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Your contact information

Internship Opportunities

Lodestone Logic supports student development and achievement by providing internship opportunities. We are willing to work individually with students and in collaboration with structured academic internship programs. If you are interested in the internship opportunities at Lodestone Logic, please send an email describing your interest with an outline of the required internship experience to