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Develop your events and brand plan strategy based on your business priorities

Research & Analytics

Access data and insights to match you with the best event opportunities that will increase your ROI


Harness The Lodescore Method to roll-out an event process and structure that allows for seamless execution

Our name is Lodestone Logic, but what is a Lodestone?

Lodestones are naturally magnetized rocks that were an essential tool for ancient journeymen in their travels. The lodestones were used in their compasses and allowed them to navigate their voyages,  successfully returning home with their riches and new perspectives about the world around them. This is exactly what we aspire to do for our clients – create great value and wealth by providing direction and strategically planned and executed journeys.

Lodestone Logic, founded in 2010, is a niche agency that helps businesses with their event and trade show strategies and execution. Our clients include big brands, non-profit and trade organizations, governments, and academic institutions. We partner with agencies and meeting and event planning organizations.


Forces for Change

Forces for Change High drug prices, a failing public image, generics-friendly legislation, and a dearth of innovation are forcing M&As, outsourcing, and radical thinking for Pharma.  PBMs are being called to the table for their more »